Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Instead of taking a big vacation during Spring Break, we spent a long weekend in Miami and Palm Beach. We stayed the first two nights at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. Check out their website at Fontainebleau.com . This hotel recently underwent a massive BILLION dollar renovation. It is currently Miami's hotspot. I spied Russell Simmons hanging by the pool. Despite all of this, we will not be staying at this hotel again. Too big, too glitzy, too much show, and not enough service.

While in Miami, we ate at Maison d'Azur at the historic Astor Hotel. It was wonderful!!! Next time we go to Miami, I definitely want to stay at this hotel. It was small, quaint, and stylish. The French cuisine was mouth watering. Excellent.

We shopped at Bal Harbour shops...tres chic! We saw several women shopping with their fancy little dogs in tow. It was funny seeing a miniature Pinscher sitting on a sofa in the shoe salon at Neiman Marcus. What happens when the dog needs to go poo poo? Who is in charge of this? Does the owner bag it or just leave it for someone else?

Koi fish are beautiful but they kind of gross me out at the same time.

A very lucky turtle...

On the way home, we stopped in Palm Beach for the day and spent the night at The Colony on Worth Avenue. It is also a historic hotel with European flavor - small, quaint, beautiful.

This pool was waaaaay more relaxing than the mega-pool at Fontainebleau!

We ate dinner at Cafe Boulud at the Brazilian Court Hotel (another favorite hotel). Gorgeous!

Lesson learned - less is often more. Good day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

eBay Friday 13 on Tuesday

Better late than never...

1. This is a photo of my dresser and where I store and display my jewelry. I have found that if I keep my things where they are easily accessible that they will be worn more often. This is one of my goals this year, to wear and enjoy what I have and buy less.

It is really difficult to photograph shiny objects.

I draped the long necklaces and concha belts over the mirror for easy access.

These little silver candy dishes and compotes make excellent jewelry storage.

The coral branch is another good idea for bracelet display.

I found this little silver candy dish on eBay.

I found this one, too. It is good because it provides elevation.

This blue Opaline dish and silver basket is gorgeous.

Another good one for elevation...you may even have one of these already in your china cabinet?

I am in love with blue Opaline. This ashtray is perfect for earrings.

This blue Opaline box is lovely.

2. This photo is from Elle Decor. I like the whole composition.

I found this Venetian mirror on eBay.

Another Venetian mirror...this one has a prettier shape I think.

This Mercury glass jar with lid could be used for the orchid container.

This antique painted chest is not as ornate as the one in the photograph but it will do. I like the soft blue color.

I even found this blue silk drape on eBay. Done. Next...

3. This branch chandelier was in Elle Decor's December 2008 issue. What a statement! I also love the wine rack in the corner. Scroll down, please...

This twig chandelier is in the lovely home of fellow blogger, Lime in the Coconut.

I found this one on eBay.
I did not find this wine rack on eBay, but in the Napa Style catalog.

4. I do not know where I found this photo, maybe Country Living? Anyway, it is neat how they grouped together the vintage bird pictures.

I found a few vintage bird pictures and prints on eBay. This one is my favorite. It features different kinds of pigeons.


Chinese pheasant...

5. I really like this bedroom. The colors are peaceful. The bed looks like it would be easy to make up every day. Nice.

photo via PointClickHome

I found this ornate mirror on eBay. It is not as large as the one in the photo but it would do until a larger one was found.

These small, vintage, crystal chandeliers are pretty easy to find. This one is on eBay.

Throw in this vintage Louis Vuitton carry-all and the look is complete.

I hope the rest of your week is warm!