Friday, November 28, 2008

eBay Friday 4

1. I love these old 1970's telephones. I want this for Christmas. I may buy it for myself!

I like this color better.

2. These 1970's Christmas ornaments are cool. I made some when I was young. It took forever and it involved working with tiny beads, sequins, and pins. By the time I finished, my hands felt arthritic. Maybe that is why I appreciate them now?
3. This vintage sconce is pretty.

4. I love Venetian glass. This antique vanity mirror is beautiful.

This wall mirror is pretty, too.

5. I like geodes, too. This one is from Brazil.

6. Back to the Venetian glass...this chandelier is GORGEOUS!!!! And it is UNUSUAL with the metal frame.

It could go in the kitchen - like this... This photo is from Elle Decor magazine. I love this kitchen.

7. could buy this antler chandelier and go in another direction...

Check out Frederic Fekkai's dining room (photo - Elle Decor magazine) this combination. Antlers don't have to say "Aspen".

This is a short post because I am on my way to Miami - South Beach. Oh - yeah!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Festival of Trees

Last weekend I went to the Festival of Trees which is a local fundraiser for the Riverside Children's Theatre in Vero Beach. There were hundreds of trees, gingerbread houses, and wreaths on display. All of them were offered at auction to raise money for the theatre.

I didn't have my good camera, so the photos of the trees do not do them justice, but you still might pick up a decorating idea or two for your own tree. This one received "1st Place".

This tree was decorated in a Willy Wonka theme. It would be cute in a play room.

We used to make the spiced orange decorations with my grandmother which is why I photographed this one.

The Nativity scene was hand made.

Now for my favorite part, the gingerbread town...look how they used upside down ice cream cones for the castle turrets.
The little Methodist church is sooooo cute.
Look at the "stained glass" windows...
Another tiny church...

What an easy project for kids...paint styrofoam green, glue on candy...all done!

This really looks like our local Garden Club building.

This castle was great. I don't know what it ended up selling for, but I am sure it was over a thousand dollars.


I'm hungry.

Friday, November 21, 2008

eBay Friday 3

There is nothing cohesive about this eBay Friday post. I just started searching for one thing and it lead to the next thing. I think that is how you find the best things.

1. I know it's been around the block a few times, but I still love red coral. This piece is antique red coral and has a tree frog carving detail. I would like a huge bowl filled with these beautiful little carvings.

2. I love these vintage lucite tables. They can go anywhere for a touch of modern.

3. I loooooove these antique sconces...damn this economy!

4. This vintage chalkware lamp is cool.

This pair of lamps is better. It looks like the left one needs a little repair. I like the orange-y, red color.

5. I was looking through the new Nordstrom catalog and noticed a piece of Miriam Haskell jewelry. I searched eBay out of curiosity and learned that Miriam Haskell has been around a while and has created gorgeous vintage costume jewelry over the years.
Most of the vintage pieces are very affordable. I can see this vintage lariat necklace paired with jeans and a billow-y, low cut top.

This Miriam Haskell vintage necklace and bracelet are Egyptian inspired. Aren't they beautiful? What a great thing to start collecting!

6. Since I have been decorating for Christmas this week, I searched vintage elves. I have always liked these. I don't know why. Stay tuned to see my little elf tree. It is soooooo cute.

I collect vintage Annalee figures. They go well with the elves. Annalee has been around forever and are still producing.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Card Project

When I was about 9 or 10 years old I asked my grandmother if I could have her old Christmas cards. I guess she could not bear to throw them out, because there were years of Christmas cards stuffed in a drawer. The drawer was so full that it almost would not close. I sorted through all the cards and organized them according to theme and put them in a box. I marked the box with the words: "Nancy Lee's Postcard Box - Do Not Open". This is funny because I was a middle child and I was very protective over my "stuff".

The box was put away and forgotten about until just recently.

Even as a kid I had a good "eye" because the cards are wonderful. I am so glad that they were kept and not tossed out.

There are groups of Santas,

beautiful church scenes,
puppy dogs and kitty cats,

and a group of "cowboy" Christmas cards. (I am from Texas and Christmas is not Christmas without a little cowboy kitsch.)

I saw this photo in Country Home magazine and decided to try something similar.

I cut slats in the cards to slide wired ribbon through.

I then taped the card to the ribbon on the back side just to keep them from shifting. I made some for several family members as a pre-Christmas gift.

The top of the ribbon can be stapled or tacked to the top of the door to secure. Voila!

I grouped the cowboy cards together and attached them to raffia with clothes pins for my little nephew. He can tie it to his bed or swag it across the window in his room.

I don't know why I wanted this one. Perhaps it just got by me. Isn't is awful?! Business Christmas cards are just ugly!

Feliz Navidad!