Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thanks, God!

Are we all clear about Thanksgiving? It's not really about Pilgrims and Indians or turkey and dressing, but about being thankful for the bounty that is in our lives. I made a Thanksgiving list, not in any particular order of importance, just what popped up.
1. Beauty in everything - both big...

...and small.

2. Family.

3. Dogs.
4. Laughter.
5. Order.
6. Energy, health, and safety.

7. Food.
8. Friendship and love.

9. Music.
10. Freedom.

11. Art and expression.

12. Home.
13. Smiles.

14. Sleep.

15. Books.

16. Quiet.
17. Sunshine.

18. Rain.

19. Work and money.

20. Flowers.
21. Wisdom.


1 comment:

A Stroke Above said...

magnificent! I laughed and I got a little choked up. But most of all, I was very thankful, too! Linda Crowder