Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fairy Gardens - Blue Moon Gardens

This summer we visited a place out in East Texas called Blue Moon Gardens. While there, we discovered fairy gardens. Fairy gardens are miniature gardens that can be planted in a variety of containers. We saw them in large pots, small pots, hanging birdcages, animal watering troughs, small stone planters, and more. They are planted with miniature varieties of planting materials and landscaped with tiny stones, fairy houses, garden furniture, and fairies. They are sooooo cute and great for balconies, decks, or small yards. My daughter fell in love with the whole idea and asked to plant one for her birthday.

Blue Moon Gardens is located in Chandler, Texas, and is definitely worth the road trip and to spend a day. Mom says the Christmas display is fabulous and loaded with decorating ideas. Their website is http://www.bluemoongardens.com/ . They even offer classes on various gardening subjects, including fairy gardening.

This is an example of a fairy garden in a water trough. Notice the tiny garden within the fairy garden.

Another garden in a water trough.

This ready made garden is available for purchase and would be a great gift, even for Christmas, as it can easily be maintained indoors until spring. Look at the tiny garden stool...

This one is really neat because it was planted in an old birdcage.

There is even a tiny birdcage within the birdcage.

This is a formal fairy garden for high-falutin' fairies.

Kids LOVE these little gardens. Wouldn't this be a neat gift for grandma's house? Her grandchildren could enjoy it when they visit and it would give her a low maintenance gardening option! You could even incorporate herbs into the garden.

We made our own fairy garden using a large fiberglass pot. I actually buried half of the pot into the ground. We ordered most of the miniatures from http://www.thefairysgarden.com/ and
http://www.miniature-gardens.com/fairy-garden.html .

Once the plants are planted, there is not much to maintenance. It is really EASY. We used vines that will soon drape over the side of the pot.
We also used miniature grass.

Our little fairy garden has been a hit with all of the neighborhood kids. They even re-arrange the stepping stones and move the fairies around once in a while. Happy gardening!


A Stroke Above said...

I really really enjoyed seeing these gardens and I am so inspired. Your photos are beautiful and I thank you for the comment on my blog about which camera you use. It is good to hear from you after all these years. God bless. Linda Crowder

Anonymous said...

where did u get the little fairies? I have been looking for some for our fairy garden :)