Tuesday, October 7, 2008

House Tour #3

While out in Texas this summer, I had the opportunity to visit the new home of friends, Jim and Julianne. The home sits atop a mountain in East Texas. Yes, there are mountains in East Texas.

The posts on the porch are made from rough hewn timbers. There is a lap pool to the west of the home. Notice the lack of fussy landscaping. Instead, the native grasses come right up to the porch so that the home fits seamlessly into the natural landscape.

Upon entering the home, there is a flagstone floor and waxed beams that echo the feeling of the beams on the porch. The uncovered windows bring in natural light so the need for electric lighting in the daytime is minimal. I like how they used the various colors and styles of area rugs on the wood floor.

There are fireplaces on both ends of the expansive living room. Love the longhorn - perfect!

Check out the vintage wagon wheel light fixture. There are small horse statues all the way around it. The owners are in to horses so the fixture fits them perfectly.

The kitchen is my favorite room. I like the metal ceiling. It adds a whole new texture to the space, much better than drywall.

Another neat feature is the old door leading to the laundry area. The stained glass window above the door adds height to this wall so that it blends with the surrounding cabinetry and doorway.

Again, the clock above the pantry door adds height to this area.

The wine storage next to the fridge is a clever use of extra space.

I love the open shelving in the corner.

What a great evening filled with good food and fun with friends. Thanks, Jim and Julianne!


Cote de Texas said...

how beautiful this house is!!! I love the red doors - hiding the laundry room. It's so fine.

thanks for your wonderful comment! I loved it!


My Decor Style said...

Thanks for the comment! I like the red doors, too. They were a smoky red color - not too bright. This is a very relaxing house.