Thursday, October 2, 2008

Matcha Tea

Who's heard of matcha Japanese tea? Matcha is a tea which uses the top leaves and bud of a tea plant and is ground into a fine powder. The powder has over ten times the nutrients per serving of a regular cup of green tea or white tea. Plus, it is delicious! I don't even like tea. In fact, iced tea, hot tea, green tea - it all makes me gag. I distinctly remember drinking a large glass of iced tea when I was about two years old and then barfing all over the kitchen rug. After that day, 36 years ago, I have never been able to tolerate even the slightest hint of tea flavor, UNTIL, my friend introduced me to matcha tea.

I bought this tea set online at along with a small tin of tea. The whisk is used to mix the powdered tea with hot water in a small bowl. The tea is then poured into the tiny cups to serve.

Another great website for matcha tea is . It is expensive compared to regular green tea, but you use such a small amount per serving, that the tin of ground tea should last a looooong time. Drink up!

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