Tuesday, September 30, 2008

House Tour #2 - Part 2

I know there are so many critical things to think about right now with the bailout and the bleak times ahead, but I need to do something mindless that will allow me to escape the news for a little while. So here goes...

Part 2 of House Tour #2 will feature the foyer, powder room, office/library, and the living room.

Upon entering the front doors, there is a large window that looks out onto the side yard area.

This isn't a great shot. I have since moved the lacrosse sticks to the garage. I tried having a rug here but there are a couple of steps leading down to the foyer and we kept sliding on the rug (despite the "non-slip" rug pad). The mirror is shell encrusted.
There is a triangular shaped powder room just off the foyer. Triangles and angles are everywhere in this house.

I renovated all of the bathrooms a few years ago. I was soooooo thankful to be rid of the old stuff. The shell encrusted obelisks are from Currey and Company.
The living room is large so I divided it into two spaces - the tv area and the fireplace area. I caught the Yellowfin tuna just off of Walker's Cay, Bahamas. It was 120 pounds! The mount is fiberglass - we ate the real thing.

This is still one of the best days of my life...gooood times!

Anyhoo...the turtle is also fiberglass. We faux painted the mantle to make it look like a finer piece of wood instead of just a boxed in mantle. The fireplace, by the way, is also triangular. One side backs up to the dining area and the other side backs up to an open walkway. Cooool...

This prehistoric bone was found in a quarry in Florida. It is from a whale-type creature. The two items on either side are Mastodon teeth.

Opposite the fireplace is the piano that no one plays. I can remember a few songs that I learned in 5th grade (Theme from Love Story, Colour My World, and Why Me, Lord?) and sometimes I'll sit down and crank those out but that's it. I am sure that some day I will take an interest again, but until then, I am in pursuit of other things.
We bought this Murano glass bird in Venice. I still love it.

I collect antique altar crosses. I hunt for them everywhere.

The office/library is opposite the dining room. This is where I spend my blogging time, my bill paying time, my internet surfing time, and my homework reviewing time. "Time, time, time, look what's become of me...."

I hate wires so I designed the desk system to hide everything behind panels. Having two computer spaces has been nice.

The B & W photos are of my husband when he was a kid.

Aaaaahhhh.....I feel much better now. Ciao!

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