Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Made New Again

My brother and sister-in-law recently moved in to my grandparent's old home in East Texas. The home was built by my grandparents in 1960 and it is where my mother and uncle were raised. They did some renovating, with my uncle's help, and really freshened up the place. These photos were taken just after moving in. I will do an update when they are completely settled.

Originally, the kitchen cabinets were stained and did not have the glass inserts. They kept the original hardware which is neat because it is back in style again. The area to the right was not part of the original kitchen, but held a wood burning stove and a couple of small pantries. It is now a useful area with a dishwasher and a second sink. The brick floors and the Dutch doors are original to the home.

I love the black and white wallpaper that my sister-in-law chose for this area.

A tiny fridge was once in the recess on the left. Now it houses a pantry and a microwave.

I like the glass fronted cabinet doors. The original doors were re-fitted with the glass inserts instead of buying new doors. All of the cabinets are solid wood so it would have been a shame to throw them out for new plywood or particle board cabinets.

I thought this was a cute way to display old photographs, postcards, or Christmas cards during the holidays.

My grandmother never had a dishwasher. The newly installed dishwasher really updated the kitchen. I love the open shelves in this area.

Through the Dutch doors is an entry area for the back door. My sister-in-law painted the walls black to show off her B & W photos. This also ties into the black and white wallpaper in the kitchen.

She hung this old dollhouse on the wall above the washer and dryer in the laundry room to use as storage. I can't wait to see how she accessorizes this piece!

I will update this post as they progress with the decorating. So far they are off to a great start!

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