Friday, November 7, 2008

eBay Friday

I have decided that I will try to post an eBay treasure list every Friday. I am not going to include links because it is too much trouble and I don't have tiiiiiiiiiime on Friday's to do much on the computer. Just do an eBay search to find these items or something similar.

1. Vintage Toleware flower sculpture - this could go in a modern space or a traditional space.

2. Another vintage Toleware flower sculpture - but this one has a different vibe. I still feel like this one could go either way.

3. I want this set of antique Toleware spice canisters. These would go in my kitchen perfectly.

4. Vintage Toleware sconces - you could put these in a bedroom or dressing area and hang gobs of chunky necklaces on them.

5. Tray tables like this (toleware) one are handy and can go anywhere.

6. Y'all know I love Japanese jewelry boxes. The colors are so vibrant. Some of them, like this one, have little figures that move to the music.

This jewelry box is pretty. I have a few that are this pagoda style. The little geisha turns when the music is playing.

7. Vintage lady head vases look great when grouped together. They are so "Mad Men". A group of them would be pretty as a Mother's Day table centerpiece.

8. This pin-up calendar is a deal. Someone needs to buy this, have each girl framed separately, and cover a black painted wall with them. Wouldn't they be great in a bachelor pad or a powder room?

9. I bought one of these shell encrusted picture frames. They are gorgeous and well made.

10. I still love the Enid Collins box bags. This one is beautiful. "Pavan" is the design. These bags were made famous in the 1960's by LadyBird Johnson. They are still sought after. Why couldn't you use them as part of the decorating scheme?

11. And finally - vintage and antique altar crosses.

That is it for today's eBay report. Happy bidding!


A Stroke Above said...

Your eBay Friday idea is wonderful, especially for folks that don't have the tiiiiime to even look at the millions of pretty things found there every day! Thanks for all you do and your blog continues to be one of my favorites. Linda Crowder

Miss B. Havior said...

I just looooove the Enid Collins box bags. I never knew there was a name for them. Keep on bloggin'.