Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Card Project

When I was about 9 or 10 years old I asked my grandmother if I could have her old Christmas cards. I guess she could not bear to throw them out, because there were years of Christmas cards stuffed in a drawer. The drawer was so full that it almost would not close. I sorted through all the cards and organized them according to theme and put them in a box. I marked the box with the words: "Nancy Lee's Postcard Box - Do Not Open". This is funny because I was a middle child and I was very protective over my "stuff".

The box was put away and forgotten about until just recently.

Even as a kid I had a good "eye" because the cards are wonderful. I am so glad that they were kept and not tossed out.

There are groups of Santas,

beautiful church scenes,
puppy dogs and kitty cats,

and a group of "cowboy" Christmas cards. (I am from Texas and Christmas is not Christmas without a little cowboy kitsch.)

I saw this photo in Country Home magazine and decided to try something similar.

I cut slats in the cards to slide wired ribbon through.

I then taped the card to the ribbon on the back side just to keep them from shifting. I made some for several family members as a pre-Christmas gift.

The top of the ribbon can be stapled or tacked to the top of the door to secure. Voila!

I grouped the cowboy cards together and attached them to raffia with clothes pins for my little nephew. He can tie it to his bed or swag it across the window in his room.

I don't know why I wanted this one. Perhaps it just got by me. Isn't is awful?! Business Christmas cards are just ugly!

Feliz Navidad!


Anonymous said...

I always like it when I see projects made from Christmas cards. They are too beautiful to throw away! I really like the vintage bowls made out of old cards. Anthopologie has been making them for the past few years. - Kristen

No.35style said...

That is so neat you have your Grandmother's old cards.