Friday, November 14, 2008

eBay Friday 2

As promised, another eBay Friday post...

1. I love transferware plates. They don't have to be the same pattern, I do like to stick to the same colors, though. These are black and white. Mix them with turquoise glasses or pink pressed glass for a pretty table setting. These particular plates are pretty enough to hang on the wall.

2. Obelisks are just cool. I want to collect them. I will mix them together, all colors and heights. These are quartz. Gorgeous...

3. Foo dogs are everywhere now. Here are a few different styles and colors.

4. This is a neat vintage birdcage. I do not recommend getting a bird, but I do like the cage. Put a giant candle in it and hang it from the ceiling out on the porch instead.

5. This antique bamboo etergere would be fabulous in a bathroom or a vestibule. I can also see it in the kitchen for tray storage.

6. This quill box is beautiful. They can go in virtually any decor scheme. These were Ralph Lauren window props.

7. I like these vintage pagoda salt and pepper shakers, too.

8. Vintage tin cans can be used anywhere for storage - the office, the kitchen, even the bathroom. What a great spot to hide your makeup.

The end! Have a great weekend!


Cote de Texas said...

HI - I collect transferware and obelisks

Cote de Texas said...

oops - hit send too fast! I love this post!! we have the same taste I think.

Thanks so much for the comment today.


No.35style said...

That bamboo etergere is fab!