Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It’s Still Summer in SoFlo! Outdoor images…

I know Labor Day has come and gone and, technically, one is not supposed to wear white after said day, but IT IS STILL SUMMER HERE! So, I am wearing white today and I am posting images of beautiful outdoor spaces.

I like pools surrounded by lots of landscaping and shade – like this one. I also like how the stepping stones go through the pool over to the sitting area.


The colors in this outdoor space are wonderful. Notice how they are all the same tone, just different colors. Orange…






Tan…Looks like there is a koi pond on one side and a spa on the other side.


I wish the cushions on my patio furniture were black like these. They would be so much easier to keep clean (looking). I like the black trim on the house – so much better than white.


The next two photos are from Celerie Kemble. I like her style because it closely matches my own.

cel kimble2

I like how the old is mixed with the new. It looks layered and lived in.


I love this courtyard. I wonder if the fountain turns in to a spa? Love those vines.


More vines. The blue furniture, umbrellas, and trim really stand out against the green vines.


This is a pretty Vero Beach mansion that is for sale. It is a nice house but it needs vines. It’s too new and perfect. I do like the blue shutters, though. It probably looks funny in the day time because there doesn’t appear to be any mature landscaping. Stark.


Here we go…mature landscaping…love the fountain and the pops of red. This home was featured on Cote de Texas.


I would like to have one of these. I like the sound of water and fish are pretty. Someone should figure out how to market these pre-fabricated. Like a hot tub, but a koi pond that looks custom built.


This is what I would do with my pre-fab koi pond when I got tired of taking care of fish. I would use it as a planter.


I hope you enjoyed the outdoor inspiration. Me and my white outfit are headed to town to do errands. Bye-bye!

photos via: MyHomeIdeas, Cote de Texas, Western Interiors, Real, Southern Accents, and Celerie Kemble


anita said...

love that first pool..good inspiration for my backyard

and i'll probably be wearing white for a while longer..until it feels less like summer!

EJ said...

Having a pond not only the tranquility of a garden but also the feng shui! My fantasy garden would definitely have kois. I'd add a little wind spinner in my imaginary garden to catch good luck spirit from the wind!