Thursday, November 5, 2009


I just made the best chili ever!  It is for Soup Bowl Day at school – money and awareness for homeless – kids eat soup instead of regular lunch – blah blah blah.  Anyway – back to the chili.  It is the BEST I have ever made.  Spicy, buffalo meat, beans, tomatoes, yummy!

There is a problem with the chili, though.  It is soooooo unphotogenic. It looks like dog throw-up.


Looks better from this angle…

DSC02418 Even better from a distance with the bags of Fritos as props…


Oh well…I am serving the soup, too, and am going to be late if I don’t finish this post.  Later.


Anonymous said...

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Linda Crowder said...

I loved your chili photos. I thought you did very well! Havent' heard from Caroline in a few days. I hope she is ok. And I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I have your blog on My Yahoo page now and I can watch for your posts easier.