Friday, February 20, 2009

eBay Friday 12

Another busy week...

1. I saw this photo in this month's issue of Elle Decor and fell in love with this bathroom. I love the marble walls and the huge paned window looking out into the garden. I also love the little mirror next to the tub.

I found this antique rococo mirror on eBay. It would be perfect near my tub.
2. I did not find anything like this Black Forest chandelier in any magazine. Isn't is neat? I have never seen this before.

3. I did find this beautiful chandelier on Point Click Home. I like the little shots of blue on the all white background.

This is a similar antique Opaline chandelier. What a beautiful color!
I found these antique Opaline sconces, too.

4. These Opaline wine glasses are so beautiful and would pretty up any table setting. I think they would look great with a variety of dishes.

5. This photo is from Elle Decor, too. Look closely at the wire chairs in the foreground.
I know these 1950's Eames wire chairs are not exactly the same, but they translate for an overall look.

6. Another photo from Elle Decor...check out the obelisks on the table.

I found these mirrored obelisks on eBay.

7. I like the mirrored tables in the next two photos (Point Click Home).

But this antique mirrored table on eBay is even prettier. The oriental design makes it more unique.

8. I searched Miriam Haskell vintage jewelry and saw these three necklaces on the first page. Since this week has featured "fancy" eBay items, I thought these went along with the theme. I see why people get obsessed with MH, there is soooooo much out there and it is so UNIQUE.


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Tina said...

so many beautiful finds! that antique Opaline chandelier is just stunning, a fabulous colour!