Friday, February 27, 2009

School Art Projects

I have been busy working on two art projects for a local private school. The projects are to be auctioned off at the annual fundraiser. This year's theme is "Under the Sea" so the projects are both ocean related.

The first project was created by the 3rd grade students and is a pop art, shell study. Each of the three classes completed one study. I found renderings of the shells on a website called Karen's Whimsy. The renderings are public domain. I grouped the shells together and had them printed on thick parchment type paper. The students colored their chosen shells using watercolor pencils. Easy enough.

My favorite of the three...

This one features mollusks - starfish, octopus, jellyfish, and sea flowers.

A close-up of my favorite... I wrote each student's name by their shell so that later they could look at it and say, "I did that one!"

The second project is a painting created by the 5th grade students. This is my favorite of all the projects I have facilitated at the school over the years. It is a sailfish. I like the way it lights up just like a real sailfish does when it is feeding. Take a look...

It feels so good helping out the school in this way. I am proud of how the projects turned out and can't wait to attend the big event!


Anonymous said...

These are really, really good! Love, Molly

Tina said...

these look so great, must be really fun to colour in those pretty shells and that sailfish looks amazing!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...
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Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...


Gorgeous art...I'll betthe kids are happy and they should bring in a pretty penny for the school taboot!