Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspiring Living Rooms

This post is all about living rooms.

This photo is from HGTV.com . I like the color on the walls. I also like the large scale items on the coffee table. Everything is too new, though. I would like to see some antiques mixed in somewhere.

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Anyway, I like the dark, patched cowhide rug in this room. The horseshoe coffee table is cool mixed with the fancy elements in the room. The furniture looks really uncomfortable, though.

I love the windows in this room and the gleaming hardwood floors. There is another cowhide rug in this room. The couch looks usable and comfy.

I love the column in the corner and the black accents in this room. There is just enough black to anchor the room. It is a little sparse, IMO.

I like dark walls. The tall winged chair is beautiful. The simple shades work in this room because the book cases are probably busy. Photo via Nate Berkus.

This room was featured on La Dolce Vita not long ago. I love the dark gray couch and the black lampshade. There is another lucite table in this room. They look great with pattern beneath them.

Green is my favorite color. I love it combined with rich purple. What beautiful windows this room has. Photo via Material Girls.

This image was found on local designer, Rod Mickley's website. I love the color combination in this room. The blue glass on the mantel are like little exclamation points. Of course, I like the touch of zebra as well.

More blue accents. The pouf is fabulous next to the orange chair. Love the sofa. The vintage portrait is perfect and check out the pair of unexpected antler mirrors. Photo via Elle Decor.

The next six photos are from Cote de Texas. The heavy darks and lights in the first photo feel good to me. I loooove this room. The only thing I don't like is the little lonely light fixture. The dark mouldings are beautiful.
The combination of light blue and orange-y red is so pretty here. I will be painting my dining room this color soon. Can't wait! Love the black painted door, too.

Gosh, this is a pretty room. The light fixture is perfect. There is something that really bothers me, though. In so many magazines and design blogs, I see libraries with staged books. I really read. I have hundreds of books that I am not willing to part with. I would like to see a library with "real" books. Some people cover theirs in paper to get that uniform look. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's a little weird, IMO.

Another shot of the same room...I like the little table and chairs in the corner. A great place to play cards or look at photos, etc.

More red and blue with black and white. Bella!

Switching gears to a more subdued space. The chairs are perfect, love the ceiling and the fireplace wall. I'm not a huge fan of the propped up art thing, though.

Adjoining space in the same home. The leather settees are perfect here. Both images are from Elle Decor.

Another gray sofa. I like the grouping of art on the blue walls. Photo via La Dolce Vita.

More blue walls. Look, there are real books on the shelves! How unique! Photo via Southern Accents.

Pretty room...I like the pop of avocado on the chair. I like the papered book shelves. It looks like a mixture of old and a few new books in the bookcases. Photos via Country Living.

The mirrored wall works in this space. The floor is gorgeous. This space looks like a lounge in an Italian boutique hotel. The lamps are so pretty and perfect and unusual. Another gray sofa...

There are real books in this lofty room, cowhide, too.

Another view of the same space. I like how they created a screen behind the sofa with the potted ferns.

That is enough for today. More later.

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