Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scott Waterman - artist

Check out some of the fabulous work by artist, Scott Waterman. His work has been featured in Southern Accents (twice!), San Francisco Interiors, Casa Vogue, and many other publications. These photos were pulled from his website here.


What do you think? The second photo is my favorite. I found more of his work at www.scottwaterman.com. Really cool...
I'll be on vacation for a few weeks. England and France - here I come! I may try to post while I am gone, but most likely this is just wishful thinking. I'll post all about it when I get back!
Au revoir!


nicolette said...

Talented artists is probably an interior designer's best friend. In fact, an amazing piece is usually the difference between a good design and an amazing design. Would love to meet him sometime.


doochamp said...

I am familiar with Scott's work from flickr. Check his work out there. There are also views of his studio which is fascinating.

My work relies on visual reimaging as well but mine is more cartoon oriented.