Thursday, July 16, 2009

London Highlights...

I am back from London and France. We had a great time! I am posting just a few photos from the London portion of the trip.
We only spent five days in London but covered a lot of ground!
The streets were clean and beautiful.

The street signs were very polite, too!

We rode the London Eye the first day. It offered a bird's eye view of the city.

We visited the National War Museum one afternoon.
It is very interesting. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting London.
There was a neat exhibit featuring a complete home from WWII
with all original furniture, groceries, etc. that showed how people
lived during the war -
always waiting for a bomb.
I saw lots of "KEEP CALM - CARRY ON"

The London Tower was cool. We saw the Crown jewels. Of course, I was drawn to these bright blue doors next to the dark brick - so smart!

The weather was beautiful, cool, and clear.

We walked through Kensington Park and Hyde Park.
It was wonderful!
There were off-leash dogs everywhere - all so well behaved!
The flowers were beautiful. It was definitely the most beautiful park I have ever seen.

We went to the Portobello Street Market one day. There was so much to see! Antiques, clothing, food, fruit, flowers, musicians, street performers!
I ate this yummy tart and did a lot of people watching.

We went to a wonderful market in Greenwich, too.
It was really fabulous because there were booths with handmade items, one of a kind clothing, food, and even a psychic/stylist that could update your look
tell you about your future at the same time!
I didn't visit that booth because I was too afraid of what he might say about both
my future and my fashion!
Isn't this funny?
I wonder how many knives it collected?

Stay tuned - my next post will feature Paris!

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