Friday, December 11, 2009

Random Dining

This is my new favorite dining room. I think the chairs are what make it so appealing. I like the color and the fabric and the shape of the chairs. Plus - they look comfy. For some reason, hard dining chairs – especially ladder back chairs – depress me. I like the combination of soft and hard in this dining room – hard floor, soft chairs, hard table, soft chandelier, hard armoire, soft curtain, hard candelabras, soft floral centerpiece.


photo – La Dolce Vita

This dining / kitchen was featured in Cottage Living magazine. I like the wooden table mixed with modern wire chairs mixed with soft upholstered end chairs. All the lines in this room are loooooooow.


This photo from Metropolitan Home magazine is cool because of the turquoise barstools. Is this not the coolest bar ever? This bar makes me want to become an alcoholic. It is PERFECT!


The next two photos are from La Dolce Vita. I like this dining space because even though it is a walk through space, it still looks finished and upscale. I love the dark gray walls in this home.


epley6LDVThis photo is from Southern Living. These are exactly the kind of chairs that depress me! They remind me of the chairs in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. This chair was juuuust right! At least the end chairs are covered. I do like how they used the super, fancy, silver candelabras with the simple, rustic table and chairs. Nice combo.


This kitchen / dining area was featured in Southern Accents. The banquette is neat. I like the antlers above the range. I also like the painted wood ceiling and the narrow French doors.


That’s it for random dining spaces. :)

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