Friday, January 9, 2009

eBay Friday 8

This week has flown by! This is the first eBay Friday post of 2009 and I found some good stuff.

1. I love Suzani textiles. I believe they are totally underrated. These are handmade textiles. Imagine how much work goes into each piece, yet they are very reasonably priced. It doesn't make sense.

2. These hotel silver teaspoons are from The Waldorf Astoria.

3. This is a nice scale. It would look great in the kitchen or in the office. It is a postal scale.

4. This convex mirror could fit in anywhere. It is such a classic.

5. This is a neat horn footed bench. The lid opens for storage.

6. I think this is a sweet Irish door knocker.

7. This is where I got off track. I found this gorgeous coin and pearl necklace. Isn't it unusual? I have never seen anything like it.

8. This vintage gold coin bracelet is gorgeous. It would go with anything. WOW.

9. Look at this $99,000.00 Van Cleef and Arpels vintage jeweled purse! Who carried this?

10. Last, I love this antique Dutch travel altar.

Have a great weekend!

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