Thursday, January 8, 2009

Random Thursday Post

This post will probably not make any sense - just catching up on a few things...

First of all, while in Savannah, Georgia, last week I discovered the neatest store called The Paris Market (check out their website at I think I suffered from heart palpitations while in this store because I was so overwhelmed with all of the beautiful things. I could not think straight and ended up buying only books (my weakness)!

Of course, the first thing I did upon arriving in Savannah was pick up a real estate magazine just to fuel my fantasy life. The next two homes are in the historic district and are for sale. The first one is a fixer-upper and the second is already fixed.

I passed this beautiful doorway on my way to dinner one night. I love the fruit display above the doors. I forgot to include photos of Forsyth Park in my last post. This is where we began our morning run. We ran from here through the squares, down to River Street, along the river, back through the neighborhoods, around the park, and back to our hotel. This gave me an up close (and slow motion) view of many of the beautiful homes.

Savannah supposedly has more ghosts than any other American town. We took the evening ghost tour. It was very interesting.
We actually got to go inside the Sorrel Weed House as part of the ghost tour. It was featured on Ghost Hunters. This is a daytime photo so it is not as spooky in this shot. Believe me, at 10:30pm it was spooky. I screamed so loud at one point that I set the whole group off screaming. I could not get out of there fast enough.

We ate at The Olde Pink House one night. It was wonderful...

We ate at Elizabeth's on 37th another night. It was wonderful, too! Marc Jacobs was also dining there the night we were there.

Now, on to another subject...the next few photos (via PointClickHome) feature an interesting mix of old and new.

The Regency Shop ( asked me to comment on their store. I checked it out and found beautiful reproduction pieces to mix with older antiques to get that perfect balance of old and new. Check these out...

Both this Eames style chair and this Mies Van der Rohe style lounger would work in almost any interior.

Because these are interpretations of the original designer lines, they are much less expensive! The Eames style chair is listed at $895.00 and the lounger at $2,195.00. It's worth a look for anyone looking for high style without the super high price.

Oh - One more thing about Savannah (I promise I will move on to Charleston in my next post)...I love the book and subsequent movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt and I was hoping to see The Lady Chablis (those of you who have seen the movie know who I am talking about) while in Savannah, but did not get to see her perform as she is not performing there at this time.

Oh well, another reason to go back. Bye, y'all!


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time...what an inteesting city. We drove through it this summer, but didn't have time to really explore.

Thanks for the tour! The Paris market looked great too!! Wish we had something similar here!

My Decor Style said...

Me, too! I think every shop here goes to the same market and gets the same things! They should make it easier on themselves and send one representative to market to save money...oh, well, that's why I love internet shopping!