Friday, January 16, 2009

eBay Friday 9

Since it is the new year, I began my eBay search with storage solution items...

1. These wire vintage gym lockers make great storage for pantry items. I have also seen them hung on the wall in bathrooms for extra storage.

2. I like this vintage grocery scale. Remember when people weighed their produce? Isn't it strange that no one weighs produce anymore? I would like to see this scale hanging from the ceiling in the corner of a kitchen.

3. I have been seeing these vintage deli/meat scales in many antique shops. It would be wonderful in a country kitchen or a really modern kitchen. I would use it to corral spices, oils, cooking wines, etc.

4. Country Living magazine featured these metal picnic baskets a few months ago.

In antique shops they can get pricey, but they are still reasonable on eBay.

5. I have a set of these vintage canisters. They dress up my pantry and are handy for storage. I try not to store anything in ugly paper boxes.

more canisters...

6. An antique bottle dryer...a great way to show off your antique bottle collection.

I have seen this French version in magazines lately. Many people are using them for glass or mug storage on the counter.

7. These vintage art posters are from the 1960's. They are a little less expensive option for the collector who does not want to spend thousands. You have to start somewhere, in 30 years these will be priced at a premium.

I like this Johnny Cash one...

8. Not long ago Visual Vamp blogged about the taxidermy trend in decorating. It really isn't anything new. Stuffed peacocks were presented to kings as gifts as far back as 2000 years ago. More recently, they were popular in Victorian decorating. Now we are seeing them again. Did you see the December issue of Veranda magazine? If not, check out the fabulous peacocks in that issue.

photos via visual vamp

I found two taxidermied peacocks on eBay.

If peacocks ruffle your feathers, what about this turtle shell?

I ran across a gorgeous 1960's lion hide rug in a local antiques shop a few weeks ago. I found two on eBay.

I personally wouldn't want to kill a lion, but I do not find them offensive in decor, either.

Moving on to antlers and deer mount...These photos are courtesy of YOSSAWAT. I like them. I am glad there is finally an acceptable place to display trophy deer other than the basement. Now I can have mine sent to me from Texas.

I found this impala mount on eBay.

How about a wild boar mount? I met one of these at a shop in Savannah a few weeks ago and fell in love.

Would a stuffed bat be too much? I would do it in a boys' room or mixed in with a bunch of frou frou stuff in a ladies boudoir just to throw things off a little.
Signing out. Have a great weekend!

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