Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bedrooms - Light and Dark

I was looking through my files of bedroom images and noticed that they all gravitate toward light and dark. Not many are middle of the road. Most are high contrasts. This mixture seems the most comfortable for me.

Even though this is a small room, the dark walls with the thick white mouldings and the touch of sparkle in the chandelier make the room seem ample.

Now, swap out the dark walls for a dark bedspread and black lampshades and you get the same result.

This room is very similar to the first room. The bed in this room is white and there is more light entering the space through the windows and doors. This is a larger room, too.

There is some contrast going on in this room, but not quite enough, IMO. I would probably not sleep well in this room. I would paint at least one wall a contrasting color.

I don't love the proportions in this room, but I love the dark (is it black?) wall. I would sleep well in this room but I would want to change the proportions of the furniture and the objects on the wall. Ilove the mirrors, just not floating where they are. Plus, I like to have a headboard.

Another view of the same room...the fireplace in the corner is so beautiful.

More super dark walls (and ceiling)...The white tufted bed, the white bedside tables, and the white lampshades pop against the dark walls and ceiling. Check out the white chandelier in the mirror, too. Perfect!
The photo on the right shows a bedroom with softer contrast. This would be a nice guest room.

Another beautiful, soft contrast room...The soft orange chair and the soft turquoise desk are nice compliments to the high contrast drapes. Very nice.

This bedroom was featured on Cote de Texas a few weeks ago. I LOVE the color in this room. Even though the walls are light, there is high contrast going on with the draperies, the headboard, and the dark furniture. I LOVE THIS ROOM. (The only thing I don't like is the teeny tiny light fixture.) In fact, this whole post is one of my favorites. Check it out if you haven't already.

This room is too soft for me. Plus, I think loads of books in bedrooms are a bad idea. Books attract and hold DUST. I would have an asthma/allergy attack in this room. The bookshelves are lovely to gaze upon but not practical for me. I love the large window in this room, but I would like to see some dark color on the walls.

Aahhh...I love this room. I love the wall color. I love the cactus lamp. I love the crisp, white linens. I love the fur throw. I love the simple leather chair. I love the black lampshade. I love the useful bedside table. AND I love the marble topped dresser. A+

Sleep tight!


Vintage Kitten said...

Gorgeous room settings. I am looking for inspiration at the moment as I would like to redecorate my bedroom, so these pictures have certainly given me some ideas X

Sanity Fair said...

Really nice post - I hadn't thought about high contrast being an asset in bedrooms, but I think you proved your point! The grey/white room with yellow lamps is especially lovely.