Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dining Room Inspiration

I am still organizing the decorating images that I have stored on my computer. The following collection of images are "dining room" images. Enjoy...

I love the painted floor in this dining space. The black and white pattern makes the wood of the table and chairs stand out. The chandelier is also very beautiful and perfectly fits the mood.

photo via Cottage Living

I saved this one because I love the combination of the dusky blue and the rich green. The silver ceiling is gorgeous and really finishes the room. I love the chandelier in this room, too. The light colored rug would not last long in my house, though. Maybe it is not a rug? Maybe it is painted or some kind of engineered flooring? I'm not sure.

photo via Southern Accents
Another dark dining area...check out the HEAVY mouldings in this room!!! WOW! I like how they used white panels on either side of the arched opening. It softens and lightens the space.

photo via Carolina Eclectic

More dark walls...cozy!

This dining area appears to be part of a larger area, maybe a large living room? I like the light, airiness of the room but I don't think I would really enjoy eating in this area. It feels like there should be someone waiting tables in this room. There is too much empty space IMO.

photo via Southern Accents
Another living and dining combination...I like this one better. This table could be used for more than just dining. It could be a game table. It could be a really fancy place to do homework. I like the dark walls in this room and I like the large chandelier and the huge windows.

photo via PointClickHome
This is a lovely dining room. I LOVE the built in corner cupboards. I like the lantern light fixture. This room is just pretty.

photo via Southern Accents
The finish on the inside of the cupboards is different than the outside. I LOVE this! See how the dark finish of the table echoes the dark finish of the cupboard interior? Imagine how pretty this could be at Christmas with boughs of greenery and red ribbons....ahhh!

photo via Southern Accents
I love round dining tables. They promote conversation and they make it easier to squeeze in an extra person. I like the dark floors in this room.

photo via Elle Decor
This is a pretty dining room. I like the chandelier and the vintage inspired wallpaper. The dark door and trim complete the look and the white chairs pop against all the darkness. Beautiful!

photo via Point Click Home
This image is from a local designer, Rod Mickley. I like the light walls and ceiling mixed with the dark blindes and chairs. The red, coral chandelier is the perfect exclamation point in this room.

image via Rod Mickley Designs

This dining room has a loft feel to it. I like the little, antique car as an accent.

This photo was featured on Cote de Texas. The colors in this room just blow me away. The blue accents against the dark gray walls and black trim is perfect.

image via Cote de Texas
This room is from the same house featured on Cote de Texas. It is the breakfast room. This one features red accents instead of blue. Both of these rooms look rich and well-traveled.

image via Cote de Texas

The portraits featured in this dining room are unique. I like the way they used the multiple candelabras on the table. I also like the green velvet on the chairs. This room would be very easy to re-create on a small budget.

photo via Point Click Home
I like the little table and chairs tucked in this kitchen. What a nice place to have breakfast or lunch.

photo via Nate Berkus
Another dine-in kitchen spot. This one features a banquette. The tile used on the floor is fabulous. I also love the artwork above the banquette.

photo via Point Click Home
This little eating spot is so cute. Another easy-to-create look - all from Ikea. The candelabras on the mantel in the background are gorgeous. Notice the fireplace, too. They inserted mirror and covered the hearth with candles. I bet when this is lit at night, the effect is dramatic. What a great way to treat a fireplace in the summer!

photo via myhomeideas

I can't tell if this is an actual dining room or a screened porch. Either way, it is lovely!

photo via MyHomeIdeas
Bon appetit!


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I would love to dine in any of those dining areas. However, the rich greens and dark blues have caught my attention. The chandelier is amazing-I cannot so much as imagine the room without it. The heavy blue curtains give a nice accent to the whites and creams all over the room. Thanks for sharing a lovely collection.