Friday, December 5, 2008

eBay Friday 5

1. This vintage tin can would fit my collection perfectly.

2. This is a photo of my mom's egg crate. Now check out the next eBay find...

A similar egg crate...I think they are neat and unusual.

3. This is the best thing I have found on eBay in a long while. I really like this painting. The colors are beautiful. The subject is beautiful. If it is still around after Christmas, I am spending my Christmas money on it.

4. In the same vein, I have been eyeing these Moroccan poufs. These are a good deal.
I like these Incan poufs, too. They would go anywhere in my house.

5. I have always wanted one of these horn chairs. They are kind of a combination of grotesque and fabulous...they are grotabulous (I just created a new word). This one is Victorian. I can see this in the office/computer room.
6. I am sure you have seen the new trend using random portraits of strangers in a grouping. I found some neat portraits that would look great together. Wouldn't they be cool in a powder room, or a game room, or even the dining room hung from floor to ceiling?!?
This is my favorite. She looks like she could use a cocktail.
This one is beautiful.

OMG. Check out the eyebrows on this lady...whoa!

This one grouped in with the other ones - looks like he could be thinking, "What am I doing here?"

How about this poodle on velvet? My neighbors have a pair of Standard Poodles. They are too funny. They look so overdressed.

This black dog is nice. I'll take the whole collection.

7. When I was looking for portraits, I ran across this one of a lady wearing a Squash Blossom necklace. The photo was protected, so I could not copy it, but it inspired me to look for my own necklace. These Native American necklaces are classic. The old ones are very valuable. This one is listed for more that $10,000.00.

An example of a simpler design. This one is probably more wearable.

Oh so pretty.

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vicki archer said...

You are a whizz at finding things on ebay - love the turquoise necklace, xv.