Friday, December 12, 2008

eBay Friday 6

It's Friday again. They seem to be getting closer together.

1. I found this beautiful Japanese screen. I would love to have this for my bedroom, hung over the bed.

2. This vintage Russian samovar is interesting. I think they are beautiful. If I had another house to keep them in, I would like to collect these. I would have them displayed on a loooooong wooden antique hall table.
3. I attended a black tie event last weekend and sat with a fabulous woman who carried a fabulous vintage Judith Leiber minaudiere (purse). She sat it down before her plate and it stared at me all evening. I think it may have spoken a few words, too. How about this foo dog? I would not use the strap.

This elephant is my FAVORITE!!! I love elephants and this one goes with everything.

This one is okay. I would take it if someone gave it to me but I wouldn't be in love with it.

I like this one more.

This one is in honor of my old black kitty cat, Cicero. I loved that cat. Meow.

I like this one as much as the elephant. It is gorgeous.

4. Moving on. Isn't this a beautiful Murano glass lamp? It would really make my office look better.

These would be nice as bedside lamps.

I like these even more. I love the marble base.

5. I love this chandelier.

6. While looking for the samovar, I ran across these antique Russian icons. I hate to see the antique treasure of a country for sale on eBay, but that is just how it is. These are beautiful.

7. I was looking for the beautiful painting that I found last week, but could not find it. I did find this painting from Israel that I like very much.


Johanna said...

I love the New York bag. Would die to get it!

Nice blog! :)

Greatings from Sweden!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh! Those bags! What little gems they are!

Love all of your finds...thanks for popping by my blog!

JM said...

This is a very interesting blog, you have wonderful photos of some fabulous items. I just love the japanese screen!
We have a huge and fabulous new museum in Lisbon dedicated to the Orient displaying a fantastic collection of decorative items from Asia, where portuguese have been since the Discoveries Age (5 centuries ago) until present days. The screens are absolutely gorgeous, you surely would love them! :-)

My Decor Style said...

JM - Thanks for the comment. That sounds like a cool exhibit! I have never been to Lisbon - some day I will get there and everywhere else on my "travel" list.

You have so many great blogs and your photographs are beautiful!